Individual therapy

The initial session is up to 90 mins and costs $225.  During this session you will be asked questions about what you feel is the issue that brought you to therapy.  The session will also focus on gathering information about you, what has shaped you as a person and how this may be influencing what you are experiencing now.  Subsequent sessions are $175 and are 50 mins.


I am available to work collaboratively with couples.   Initial session is up to 90 mins and costs $250.  Subsequent sessions are $220 per 50 min session.

ACC – Sensitive Claims

ACC now fully funds therapy for people claiming under Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC).  I am an approved Provider for the new ACC ISSC service.  This means that in my practice I can offer assessment for mental injury from sexual abuse and treatment services.  Clients thinking about initiating an ACC sensitive claim or proceeding with an existing claim please contact me directly or via email to discuss further.  If you would prefer to discuss the ACC ISSC process with a male psychologist at any stage then this is also possible.


Online banking is the preferred method of payment.

The Sweet Life Sanctuary Ltd, National Bank Albany:

Account Number: 06-0294-0146856-00.

Terms and conditions

Please make full payment on the day of your individual session. Workshops need to be paid in full seven days in advance to the commencement of your workshop.

Please be mindful that a missed appointment or late (0-24hrs of appointment) cancellation will incur a full session fee.

Please be aware that no refunds will be made for cancellation of workshops.