Individual therapy sessions

Initial session is between 50-90 mins ($200).  Each session thereafter is 50 mins ($165).


I am available to work collaboratively with couples.   $230 for initial session (up to 90 mins) and $200 per subsequent 50 min session.

ACC – Sensitive Claims

ACC now fully funds therapy for people claiming under Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC).  I am an approved Provider for the new ACC ISSC service.  This means that in my practice I can offer assessment for mental injury from sexual abuse and subsequent treatment services.  Clients thinking about initiating an ACC sensitive claim or proceeding with an existing claim please contact me directly or via email to discuss further.  If you would prefer to discuss the ACC ISSC process with a male psychologist at any stage then this is also possible and I can refer you on. Self-referrals are accepted.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

I currently contract to a nationwide Employee Assistance Programme.  I am based in Takapuna, Auckland on a Wednesday morning.

Seminars and Workshops

I have developed psychology seminars and workshops designed to reveal, explore and begin the process of change.  The philosophy is simple: the workshops are designed to be evidence-based, informative and practical ways of making positive change to your life.

  • Two new mindfulness seminars due to be launched very soon.  Please check out my personal development page or follow me on Instagram (@thesweetlifepsychology) or Facebook (The Sweet Life Psychology).


I have contributed to various media publications.  I was the Stress Less expert with New Zealand Women’s Health and the resident psychologist at  I have presented as a guest speaker at numerous conferences and training events throughout Scotland and New Zealand.

Please see Media for some of the articles I have written.