Laura Braid: Registered Psychologist, Browns Bay, Auckland

The Sweet Life is a private psychology practice based in Browns Bay, Auckland.

I am an experienced New Zealand Registered Psychologist and hold the HPCA Act General Scope of Practice, a current annual practicing certificate, and also a Full Member of the New Zealand Psycholgists’ Society. I have worked as a Psychologist in both the private and public sectors in Scotland and New Zealand. I am based in Browns Bay on the North Shore of Auckland.

Psychology and Mindfulness

My practice offers evidence-based psychological therapy for individuals, groups and organisations. I predominantly work with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, issues in their personal relationships and/or at work, stress as well as enhancing wellbeing. I have trained in numerous treatment modalities throughout my career: acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT); cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT); dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and schema therapy (ST). I now, mainly practice acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). I am huge believer in mindfulness-based therapy and the practice of mindfulness in general to help client’s enhance their mental health and sense of wellness. I am also very passionate about the role of nutrition in our mental health and wellbeing.

For a list of psychological issues I treat please see Scope

Increasing psychological flexibility and living our values

Life will always throw its’ curve balls…that is life! Learning to be non-reactive and stop fighting, struggling and avoiding our unpleasant and distressing thoughts, emotions and experiences will help. Learn to be willing to allow, accept, sit with and manage them. This means holding our own thoughts and emotions a little less tightly. It is  learning to hold them lightly and acting on or moving towards our bigger picture values – moving towards, being and living – what deep down in our hearts really matters most to us.  Rather than reacting to, or  feeling the need to respond urgently to the short-term, transient, impermanent  thoughts and feelings.